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Here at InnoSoft, 2019 is the year of ideas, YOUR ideas! Our R&D team has been combing through your votes & comments in our Ideas Portal, reading your emails, and meeting with you, to help us decide what to build for the Fusion community next. This summer’s Fusion update includes many highly requested features. Use the links below to travel to any of the topics that interest you.

As of Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 any votes that were cast against features added in this update will be released back to the voters. Make sure you check out the Ideas Portal to re-assign these votes to something new! We love hearing from you, so even if you have used all your votes, leave feedback and suggestions in the comment section of Ideas you can’t vote for but are interested in.

If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes contained within this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.



Registration Page Redesign

The FusionIM registration page has been redesigned to make it easier for participants to browse through current Sports, Leagues, and Divisions in the portal. The information has been changed from a long list of viewable Divisions with filters on the left to an accordion style layout that allows for a more user-friendly experience. A mobile-friendly share link has been added to each Division’s registration page so that Captains and Players can easily send their friends the Division to register for.

A Gif showing how the new FIM design looks.

Member Info

Member Preview Status Bar Updates

Future memberships (Blue) and expiring memberships (Yellow) status bars have been added to the list of status bar types available within the Member Preview. This means that a person with a membership that starts on a future date will no longer appear with a green (active) status and if a person has a membership that is about to expire, your staff are now warned of this via the yellow status bar.

A gif that is showing blue as a pending status on Fusion memeber Panel and expiring soon as yellow

Customized Genders

Fusion now has the capability of importing customized genders! Edit your Gender Custom List with your preferred gender names, add codes (or names) that your import files will match to in the import process (in the same manner as Eligibility codes), and add the new customized gender to your import files.

Sales & Rentals

Promo Codes

Wanting to incentivize your customers with discounts, but the thought of manually discounting Order Items gives you hives? Promo Codes are here to help! Codes can be customized with usage limits (both per person and in total) and usage periods (day and hour), and each code can be exclusive to a product or service type (memberships, locker service, programs, etc) or even to specific items (Learn to Swim Level I, GroupX Membership, etc). Your customers can even enter the codes online to shop at their pace.

Payment Method Restriction

This update includes the ability to restrict the product or service that a particular Payment Method can be used against. Only want to accept checks for Camps and Outdoor Adventures, but not concession items? Now you can automatically ensure that your staff (and customers) know what payment types are accepted.

General Rental From Reservation Request

The Facility Reservation Request Window now has an additional button: Convert. This allows you to automatically create a Booking or start a Facility Rental Agreement based on the calendar information entered into the Request. Additional columns have been added to the Reservation Request View to show the Booking or Facility Rental generated from the Request.

Email Invoices

We have added the ability to email customers from the Invoices View. Multiple customers can be selected at a time, allowing you to send reminder emails in batches. By default, Fusion uses an email template which will pull in a list of all invoices still outstanding for the customer. The email also includes a link to the invoice on the portal so that the customer can easily make their payment. Feel free to edit the template or make your own!


Login Redesign

We have overhauled how users log into the Member Portal. Now, instead of redirecting to a separate log-in page, the user will be presented with a login pop-up window overlaid on the page they are currently on. This decreases the number of redirections and steps your users will experience while logging in. Another change is that we have added further customization options to the login process, including login method button location, and the ability to remove the “Local” login method.

Pricing Update

The range of all available prices for a Program or a Program Offering will appear within the Program and Offering list online. When a customer signs in they will see the range of prices at the Program level, but then will be presented with their eligible price for the available Offerings.


Age Restrictions

You can now add months to program age restrictions both at the minimum and maximum level, enabling the ability to restrict registrations in the baby and toddler age brackets. Within a Program Offering, you can also determine when the Age Restrictions apply: at the time of registration or by a certain calendar date. This means that you can set that a person must be 18 by December 31st in order to be able to register for a September program offering.


We have renamed the “Instructor” functionality in Programs to “Employees”. This has allowed us to add a new designation to this area called “Coordinator”. Coordinators can be assigned to programs just like instructors. The functionality associated with the Instructor role will remain (ie: check-in capabilities).

Pricing at the Offering Level

Program Offerings now have a new Pricing tab! A pricing structure can be set at the Program level, and if an offering differs from this, a price structure can be created just for that offering. The Program Offering Price tab overrides any pricing added at the Program level. Gone are the days of duplicating Programs just because a certain offering had a slightly different price.

Rename "Semesters"

You can now change the word “Semester” in Fusion to something else that makes more sense to your organization, such as "Terms" or "Quarters."

Reports & Data

Saved Report Parameters

The parameters chosen in a report will remain ”saved.” This means that you can close out of the report (purposefully or by accident) or even out of Fusion, and the options you chose previously will stay selected.

Invoice Summary Tab

This new tab within Chart of Accounts lists any Invoice that exists in Fusion and provides a summary of accounting data associated with each Invoice.

A Gif showing how save parameters work. It shows how after the options are picked they are not rested after going back into the selected parameter.

Invoice Details Tab

This new tab within Chart of Accounts compiles all GL Account entries that are associated with an Invoice. No more need to flip through account after account to find the connected sales transactions, everything is here!


No Expiry Date

Facility Access Waivers can now be set to never expire! This does not affect Waivers assigned to products or services.

Increase Duration

If a Facility Access Waiver is configured to expire, we have significantly increased the length of time you can set the expiration date to. The maximum duration of a waiver is now 99,999 days. I’m not sure why you would want to set a 273 year long waiver, but you do you!

Updates to Prompt Options

We have updated the verbiage and functionality of these options so that they are more clear. Facility Access Waivers will generate a Notification on the Portal. Waivers configured to prompt online will appear when a customer first logs in.

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